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Vintage Headgear

The dental nurse at the Gentle Touch practice in Kelso was super encouraging. “You’re doing really well!” she kept saying, “Keep going… remember to breath. That’s great, well done!”

And so, after more than an hour and three-quarters of less than great fun in the dentist’s chair (during which time I’d sat with my my mouth wide open and my eyes screwed shut), it seemed appropriate to thank the nurse for her support. “Oh no,” said Amber, the dentist who’d been treating my fractured tooth, “Did you think she was talking to you? It was me she was giving the encouragement to…”

Now, if you’d ever witnessed my behaviour towards dentists, you might understand why Amber might think she deserved some support – It’s just possible that I’m the World’s worst dental patient. However, having promised in last week’s blog to offer some positive opinions on places that I’d been and services that I’ve experienced, I am going to tell you this: if you need someone to rasp your teeth (that’s probably not the correct technical term, but it works for horses), look no further than the Gentle Touch practice – they are the kindest, most supportive, most tolerant bunch of dental practitioners that you could ever hope to meet.

And perhaps we’ll be meeting some of them again soon, because it seems that almost everyone working in Kelso is planning to come to the races on Ladies Day in just over two week’s time – from the nice lady who cuts my hair and the waitresses in the pub, to the shop assistants in the Square. Ticket sales are booming, but there’s still time to secure one for yourself – book them in advance online and save £6 compared to the price of purchasing a ticket on the day.

As always, there will be a range of fantastic prizes for the most stylish racegoers including the Queen of Style, the Dapper Chap, and the Most Stylish Couple. In addition, there will be a special award for the racegoer displaying the best Vintage Style – and here comes another top tip from my recent visit to Kelso Square: the Chest, Heart & Stroke Charity Shop is literally brimming with second-hand hats…

Because it’s all very well for us chaps, we buy one suit every twenty years and change it up occasionally by investing in a new tie or a handkerchief. Many of the ladies won’t want to wear the same outfit as last year – so check out the vintage stock of dresses, hats and other accessories in Kelso’s charity shops which, in addition to Chest, Heart & Stroke (which comes highly recommended) include Cancer Research, The British Heart Foundation, Borders Pet Rescue and Charity Begins at Home.

Of course, it isn’t only the ladies that like a bit of fancy headgear. This week’s selection is Chapel Green who will be sporting a fine pair of sheepskin cheekpieces when he appears in the second race at Hexham on Saturday – I wonder which charity shop they came from…