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The End of the World is Nigh…

So Boris Johnson is out of the cabinet, England are out of the World Cup and Ascot Racecourse will be leaving Racing UK, all of which could have been easily predicted with reference to the stars.

The week’s turmoil comes as a result of the forthcoming lunar eclipse on 27th July, which will be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century. As the Sun, Earth and moon become perfectly aligned, the Earth’s shadow will pass across the surface of the moon for approximately 102 minutes. But because light bends ever so slightly across the vast distances of space, the moon will take on a red hue – which was assumed by our ancestors to be a portent of doom…

It’s only natural, therefore, that we should expect a series of changes at this time – this week was the week of exits.

The England football team’s departure from the World Cup was of course the simplest event to predict. Perhaps the greater surprise was that the youthful team had made it as far as the tournament’s semi-finals. It just goes to show what can be achieved with a good team spirit. The disarray of the Government over Brexit policy, on the other hand, demonstrates just how bad things can get when you have a deeply divided team.

Meanwhile Ascot’s departure from Racing UK appears to be the result of not wanting to be part of any particular team – they have divided their media rights into packages which have been bestowed upon a range of different organisations with many different partners. It’s a bit like grazing, not just one buffet table, but all the best bits from every table at a mile-long street party.

So what else is on the agenda ahead of the blood-moon at the end of the month? Expect some unexpected guests to make a big entrance…

A leadership challenge will herald the downfall of Theresa May and make way Britain’s next Prime Minister – most probably Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is expected to move into Number 10 with his nanny.

Jimmy Moffatt will win all seven races across the card at Cartmel’s Cumbria Crystal Cup card, on Saturday 21st July. It’s not that we’d be surprised to see Jimmy having winners, it’s just that even he would be surprised to have seven.

Meanwhile, a new pair of favourites could be unveiled for the future management of Musselburgh Racecourse, following their Open Day on 23rd July, in the shape of the supermarket groups Tesco and Sainsburys. Each will declare that they see a big future in event catering and bid to open new food outlets at the East Lothian track.

Finally, and perhaps most unusually, we anticipate that this column’s selections will actually start winning – this week’s tip is for Dash Of Spice in the 59th John Smith’s Cup at York. And if even half of the above comes to pass, look out! Because the end of the world is nigh…

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