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Excitement is mounting in Kelso this weekend as the cast of Frozen is set to descend on the town to enjoy a pre-Christmas get-together.

The Borders currently has one of the lowest rates of Covid contagion in Scotland, and the large square in the centre of town affords plenty of space for meeting outside in the fresh air – so it’s an obvious location for the princesses, princes, reindeer keepers and snowmen from Arendelle to see each other while maintaining a safe distance.

There’s just one problem. Sven, the reindeer, has gone missing and we’re going to need some help finding him.

The search party will be meeting at 11.00am on Sunday morning at Kelso North Parish Church off Roxburgh Street. You can’t miss it – it’s the large gothic building with the 180ft tall spire. Various characters from the films (who parents might think bear a passing resemblance to staff from the racecourse and the Scottish Racing Academy), will be on hand to assist with the search which is likely to require a healthy walk around the town – very probably past Ladbrokes in Woodmarket Street, where a quick diversion will enable parents (not children of course) to collect the additional Christmas cash they’ll have earnt the day before from Saturday’s selection: Soft Risk in the first race at Newcastle.

Apparently one of the giveaway signs that a reindeer is nearby is the clicking noise which emanates from the tendons in their knees – a trait that they share with some racecourse managers. The louder the clicks, the larger the reindeer (or racecourse manager). With a bit of luck, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and company will be able find Sven before 1.00pm, in which case I dare say there will be some generous rewards for all the children that have helped in the search.

Anyone who has seen the films will know exactly what Sven looks like, although it is worth noting that the coat of a reindeer does change according to the climate. It is possible that Sven currently looks a bit like a pony with antlers, and that he prefers eating carrots to lichen, but I guess we’ll just have to see.

While some reindeer undertake an annual migration of 3,000 miles or more, we think it’s unlikely that Sven will have strayed very far from the centre of Kelso – with so many independent traders operating in the town, interesting gift shops and decent places for coffee, why would he need to go further afield?

There’ll be plenty of festive entertainment to enjoy in the square too, so if we find Sven quickly enough, there’ll be time to enjoy Noon’s Funfair and maybe even meet Santa – who will apparently be undertaking last minute research into who’s been naughty in 2021 and who’s been nice. Any children that join Sunday’s search are sure to qualify for the ‘nice’ list.

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